Oh, my poor, neglected blog. This has become more about book reviews than about mothering, but that’s okay. Mothering is my life 24/7. Reading is an escape I get for a few hours a week, if I’m lucky. I guess dwelling on my escapist hobby is more exciting than dwelling on wiping butts and giving time outs. Go figure.

Anyway, my hard drive died in July. My husband finally got around to getting me a new one and installing it in…November? I used to take care of these things myself, but it makes so much more sense to let someone who’s completely overqualified do it than try to google disk reviews on my phone while keeping two kids alive – let alone install the thing with two boogery kids looking on. I know. Being married has made me soft.

I’ve been reading all along, but not keeping up with reviews, and a few books I’ve read will likely fall through the cracks, but I’ll see what I can do. I’ve backdated things I wrote before the Great Disk Fail of 2016 but didn’t edit and publish. I’ll continue to do that with anything I manage to catch up on (such as Fresh off the Boat by Eddie Huang – if I never review it, it is excellent and highly recommended, although reading it will make you realize how much ABC rounded off the rough edges to create Eddie the television character, not to mention his father). Stay tuned.