A book review should have some quick visual cue to tell you how highly the writer thinks of said book. Since this is a sort-of mommy blog, I’m using coffee cups instead of stars, since most of the moms I know depend on coffee to make it through the day. I’m no exception to this; I even keep an emergency stash of iced coffees in my fridge in case of the dreaded mid-day catatonic state. (If you’re a mom who doesn’t depend on coffee, well, good for you. You must have kids who actually sleep when they’re supposed to. Never forget how lucky you are.)

I can usually tell how great my day will be based on how much coffee I manage to consume before heading out the door for school drop-off, swim lessons, grocery shopping, etc. One cup of coffee might mean I’ll be okay until lunch, and then everything will go downhill. Two means we’ll probably have a decent day (or at least I’m less likely to completely lose it on my boys). Three means I might actually achieve the mental goals I set for myself (fold three baskets of clothes, wash all the dishes, limit television to one hour, and have dinner on the table by 6). Four means I am simply going to crush this day (in a good way). Five is pretty much unheard of, but I hate four-star rating systems, so I threw it in there. Anyway, a really good book is a thing that can make your entire day better. You know, like coffee. So I think the ratings system makes sense.

At some point, I may decide I need a half-cup option (e.g., 3.5 cups). When that time comes, I’ll need to find a visual way to achieve this, so it might end up being something like three cups and a shot of espresso. We’ll see.